Today’s Dentures Vs. Dentures of the Past

//Today’s Dentures Vs. Dentures of the Past

Today’s Dentures Vs. Dentures of the Past

Do you remember being at your grandparents’ house when you were a kid and seeing a set of teeth swimming in a glass of water? It possibly freaked you out a bit until your grandparents or parents explained to you what they were (and honestly, possibly still did after that). The prospect of losing one’s teeth is frightening and can impact your self-confidence (as well as your health if it affects chewing). If dentures are something that you need now or might need in the near future, growing up with the memory of those floating teeth, and your grandparents troubles with them, may have convinced you they’re not worth your time. But dentures have evolved through the years and are now made with materials that greatly improve not only your appearance, but also your overall oral health.

Back in the day, dentures weren’t very comfortable. Dentures that didn’t fit correctly could create sores because of uneven rubbing against gum tissue. Ouch! That’s why people would regularly remove them – it was the only way to relieve the pain. BUT, today’s dentures are more comfy than ever! A better understanding of jaw and bite function plus modern advances mean dentures are made to fit better.

If you remember your grandparents’ dentures, then you likely remember that they didn’t exactly look…natural. Most likely they were blocky, didn’t match their skin tone, and just generally fake-looking (there weren’t a lot of options back then). Today, though, dentures look so much like your natural teeth that others will never realize you’re wearing them. Modern dentures come in age-appropriate teeth and a wide variety of colors so you can choose what complements your skin tone and what makes you feel most comfortable.

Dentures today are also sturdier than ever. Made of lightweight & durable acrylic, today’s dentures are strong. They’re also stronger when it comes to resisting stains!

Do you remember your grandparents’ dentures slipping & sliding as they talked or ate? Good news! Modern dentures are more secure than ever thanks to implant support. Dental implants that secure dentures don’t only keep dentures in place – they also help to keep your jawbone from changing in size over time. How? The implants will continue to stimulate the bone and the body will send nutrients to the area helping it stay dense and avoiding shrinkage. This also eliminates the facial collapse that previously could occur over the years as a result of wearing dentures.

Modern dentures are SO much better than the dentures of years past! And the benefits far out-weigh any negatives, plus they’re a cost-effective solution. We take pride in fabricating dentures using the highest quality materials and laboratories. Dr. Graber’s artistic ability can create a custom smile just for you.

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