Swimming And Your Teeth

//Swimming And Your Teeth

Swimming And Your Teeth

Summer is finally here and the kids are out of school – it’s time to have fun! What better way to have fun in the hot, hot sun than lounging in the pool, right? It’s a great way to cool off and get some exercise, plus kids love it. But did you know spending too much time in chlorinated water can have a negative impact on the health of your smile?

You know chlorine – the antimicrobial agent that helps keep our pools clear of algae – but did you know that chlorine being added to water affects its PH balance (how acidic a thing is)? When it comes to swimming pools, pools with too much chlorine contain pH levels that can cause enamel erosion as water occasionally seeps into your mouth during your swim session. In fact, in 2010 a patient at NYU’s College of Dentistry reported extreme teeth sensitivity and dark staining on his teeth only for them to find out it corresponded to his beginning a 90-minute daily swimming routine. Yikes!

The proper pH for pool water is 7.2-7.8 so if you have your own pool try to maintain that by checking the PH balance once a week. Going to a public pool? Take notice of pool linings, railings and ladders. Pool water that’s too acidic will eat away at these surfaces. If you notice spots of erosion, the water may do the same to your teeth. Also, try to keep your mouth closed as much as possible wherever you’re swimming to avoid too much water in your mouth. The good news is that more pools are opting for non-chlorine based solutions to keep things clean these days!

Brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush, having regular teeth cleanings and using a toothpaste specifically designed for the health of your enamel can keep your teeth strong and help fight the effects of chlorine this summer. Certainly don’t let the fear of chlorine affect your summer fun! Just keep taking great care of your smile, take a little more care in the water and you’ll be having a safe & healthy summer!

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