Meet Jessie Our Therapy Dog!

//Meet Jessie Our Therapy Dog!

Meet Jessie Our Therapy Dog!

A dentist’s office is rather a strange place to find a dog – or maybe not…if you’re new round these parts and thinking of visiting us in office for the first time, you may be wondering why exactly we have an employee that’s a dog. Jessie is our absolutely wonderful & brilliant therapy dog who’s job it is to make sure your anxiety & stress levels stay low! “Really?”, you may be thinking – yes, its true – we promise it’s a completely valid technique used in plenty of dentist’s offices across the country and there’s plenty of evidence and research to back up the notion that a therapy dog in office can help patients tremendously.

We realize that we’re not always people’s favorite medical professionals to see and even less so for the kiddos. We thought on ways to help our patients out and our employee, Jessie the dog, is one of the things we came up with. So WHY use a therapy dog in a dentist’s office? We’re glad you asked!

First off, therapy animals aren’t pets. Well, they CAN be someone’s pet who’s been trained to be a therapy animal, but what we mean is that with a therapy animal you won’t walk in and find a dog careening around the office, barking its head off at everything that moves. Therapy animals are specifically trained to provide affection and comfort and they’re quite chill.

I think most of us are aware by now that there have been numerous studies pronouncing that yes, Fido really IS man’s best friend (or Frisky the kitten or Fluffy the bunny, etc!), in that pets bring a host of benefits from companionship to loyalty with them. How does that work in an office setting? Interacting with animals lowers your blood pressure, improves cardiovascular health, and lowers cortisol (the stress hormone) levels. Plus, they encourage smiles and conversation. Basically, they tend to put you in a good mood.

Now imagine being in a waiting room at the dentist but getting to hang out with a doggo instead of flipping through magazines. Would that make you feel better or worse? Imagine getting to stroke some fuzzy ears or hold a furry paw while you’re in the dental chair – feel better? Besides the above benefits that the therapy animals provides, they’re also a distraction from any fear or anxiety you may have. A therapy animal will have you feeling more at ease and (not to get too wild here) you might just be excited to come back and see us for your next appointment!

You might be concerned about the cleanliness factor with an animal in the office – the CDC reports that there is no evidence to suggest that animals pose a more significant risk of transmitting infection than people; therefore, dogs do not have to be excluded from such areas. If you are allergic to dogs, Jessie is hypo-allergenic and if you are not a fan of pups, rest assured that you will not have to worry about Jessie at your appointment. Our goal is to make YOU as comfortable as possible.

We also want to make accessing the dentist as easy as possible which is why we currently have a great special for new patients. Right now save $310 on a new patient exam including x-rays and cleaning! Regularly $395 this fabulous spring deal is now only $85! New patients only, so call us today at 201-438-2373 to set up your first appointment! We (and Jessie) look forward to meeting you!

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