History of Dentistry – Part 2

//History of Dentistry – Part 2

History of Dentistry – Part 2

Let’s continue on our journey thru the history of dentistry….By now we’ve gotten to the time of modern dentistry & note there is so much that happened in between, but it’s just too must time and discoveries to cover in only two short blog posts. 😉 Note we’re hitting just a few highlights, so we encourage you to go explore more and continue your research on your own if interested!

So the “father of modern dentistry” was a guy named Pierre Fauchard. He figured out that sugar caused tooth decay, which was a HUGE revelation at this time (because this meant no more tooth worms!) so for that, we thank him immensely for his discoveries! In 1723, he published “The Surgeon Dentist, A Treatise on Teeth” and described a thorough system for caring and addressing tooth decay. His book also described several techniques that are still used in modern dentistry today, which include cleaning teeth, filling cavities, implanting dental prostheses, and using braces. He’s also helped establish the foundation of dentistry as a distinct profession (aka no more barbers like they had in the past…).

Now what about dentistry in America you ask? So far, we’ve visited Egypt, Greece, and Europe but when exactly did America hop on the dentistry train? Well, it was back in the 1760s when English immigrant, John Baker, came over and set up his shop. FUN FACT – he created a set of ivory dentures for President George Washington & DID YOU KNOW Paul Revere way back when practiced as a dentist during the time?? Yep, it’ s true. Revere actually studied with Baker and eventually opened his own practice & Revere was one of the first people to use dental evidence in forensics when he identified on a battlefield corpse as a dental bridge that he had made. Pretty cool, huh? More highlights from American dental history include: Isaac Greenwood as the first native-born American dentist and Josiah Flagg who constructed the first chair made specifically for dental patients. Then there was Dr. Greene Vardiman Black who is one of the founders of modern dentistry thanks to his specific research and findings he established himself as an expert in the field and his writings had a direct influence on the foundation of industry. His contributions include developing standard rules for filling cavities and inventing the first foot-pedal dental drill!

Dentistry certainly has come a long way since its beginning and thanks to all these who have helped advance this profession and its impact there have been many new developments that have and will continue to help people over time. Today procedures such as root canals, tooth restoration, extraction, implants, and tooth straightening are often very safe and easy to perform, in addition to most of the procedures are painless with minimal risks. It’s been a long journey and dentistry will continue to develop and change with new technological developments and advancements over time. That being said dental procedures will only be get better as we continued to get more knowledgeable and further educate and find alternative and new solutions. Dentistry will continue to advance and excel with the help of the skilled men and women who take care of their patients’ teeth…and for that we remain grateful, as the experts know it is imperative to pay attention to your oral health.

We hope you enjoyed this quick look back at history and we hope you learned something along the way. =) Don’t forget to book your appointment for a preventative maintenance cleaning or dental cosmetic consultation with our experienced and professional staff at Rutherford Cosmetic Preventative Dentistry in Rutherford, NJ.

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