Have a Happy and Healthy Halloween!

//Have a Happy and Healthy Halloween!

Have a Happy and Healthy Halloween!

A bowl of candy, a bag of treats,

A dish of tasty, sugary sweets,

Knock I do, then knock some more,

Trick or treat we call at your door.


We can only imagine how excited your little ones are at the prospect of dressing up and trick’r’treating this upcoming Halloween (admit it, you’re excited too!). We’re sure thoughts of candy & more candy are filling their head as they eagerly await next week. And while Halloween is all good fun, it can also be bad for your child’s teeth (SO much sugar!). So, here’s your Halloween candy survival guide to get you through the holiday with your child’s smile happy & healthy!

  1. Chocolate: This perennial favorite is your best bet when it comes to eating candy (and luckily, it tends to be what’s handed out the most). Why? Chocolate is easiest to wash off your teeth. Bonus if you score dark chocolate because it has less sugar than regular chocolate.
  2. Sticky/gummy candies: Okay, who doesn’t love gummy worms? Unfortunately, they don’t love you back. Sticky stuff like this is harder to remove and the longer it stays on teeth, the more time bacteria has to try to form cavities.
  3. Hard candies: We get how when you have a hard candy, it’s great that it last longer so you feel like you’re getting more, right? But that is exactly why you should be careful with them. The longer sugar is just sitting around & hanging out in your mouth, the worse off you are. Plus hard candies can break teeth if you’re not extra careful.
  4. Sour candies: Hard pass. (*sighs* They’re kind of our favorite.) But they’re also highly acidic which can weaken and damage the hard outer shell of your teeth.
  5. Popcorn balls: We’re not entirely sure people still do these but they’re worth a mention! These guys are sticky, sugary, AND hard so it’s a combination of all of the above (minus chocolate). Just be careful here and DEFINITELY keep floss handy.

How else can you limit the damage done to your child’s teeth this year? Unloading some of the candy you get is a great thing – let’s face it, no matter how you dice it, NOBODY needs 3 pounds of candy! Operation Gratitude has a Halloween Candy Give Back every year so they can include candy in care packages to soldiers. Consider getting together with a few of your neighbors and donating all your extra candy. And check out last year’s Halloween blog for a host of tips on when the best time to eat candy is and how to best plan for smart choices!

Halloween is a super fun time of year and there’s no reason your child can’t enjoy the fun. Just snack responsibly, brush & floss like always, and ENJOY YOURSELVES!!!

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