Five Things You Didn’t Know Botox Was Used For

//Five Things You Didn’t Know Botox Was Used For

Five Things You Didn’t Know Botox Was Used For

At our office, we’re all about choices, which is why we offer so many services. We’re all about helping people, which is one reason why we offer Botox. There’s a lot that Botox has to offer, a lot that may surprise you too! Most have heard of Botox injections in relation to smoothing out facial lines and wrinkles, but the fact is that the benefits of Botox go beyond just cosmetic. Botox is hugely beneficial in several other areas as well – some include the following:

  • Hyperhidrosis (aka excessive sweating): Mild hyperhidrosis can be treated with prescription anti-perspirants but that won’t work for more severe cases. That’s where Botox comes in. Botox injections can stop the excessive sweating for several months at a time. How? Well, here’s how Botox works – Botox works as a shield between your brain and the muscle of your body that you’re using it on. That means that even if your brain is telling a muscle to move, the muscle stays still. It also can work as a shield for sweat glands. You’d need to get Botox injections every few months for this issue, but it’s WAY better than the alternatives!
  • Treat migraine pain: Migraines are (literally) a pain & sometimes medication + lifestyle changes just don’t help. With Botox, not only will your symptoms be reduced (ex. Sensitivity to light, nauseau, etc), but migraine sufferers have reported experiencing fewer migraines after receiving injections!
  • Treat Bells Palsy: There are actually a couple of options when it comes to Botox & Bells Palsy. Botox can be administered to the paralyzed side of the fact, helping to relax facial muscles that have grown tight and are painful, OR it can be administered to the non-paralyzed side of the face, relaxing movements on the dominant side (this gives the face a more balanced look).
  • Reduce the size of the prostrate gland: Injecting Botox directly into the prostrate gland can resolve the issue of frequent urination by improving the flow of urine. It can also help prevent urinary tract infections.
  • Eye twitches: Most people will experience an eye twitching over their lifetime and it’s no big, but sometimes the twitching will be prolonged, rapid, and constant. That’s when it’s Botox to the rescue! If eye twitching is interfering in your daily life and with your vision, Botox can help by acting as a shield between your brain and the eye muscle that’s spasming.


Botox isn’t only for cosmetic procedures anymore! It’s got some fabulous health & wellness benefits and is generally considered a safer option than many alternatives. This is due to not having long-lasting medical side effects with highly successful results. If you have questions about Botox or want more info on what Botox can be used for give us a call today! It’s time to put your best face forward! =)