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Q. How much does it cost?

A.  The price is variable, depending on the type of product and the amount of product used.


Q.  How long will it last?

A.  Every patient is different, and it also depends on which product is used.


Q.  Where can it be used?

A. Facial fillers are more commonly used in the lower two thirds of the face.


Q.  How long does the procedure take?

A.  The procedure takes approximately between 30 and 60 minutes.


Q.  Will there be any swelling or bruising?

A.  Slight bruising may occur.  there may also be mild swelling.


Q.  How much do I need?

A.  The doctor will help determine the amount needed to achieve your desired results.


Q.  Is there a possibility of an adverse reaction?

A.  The chance of an adverse reaction is less than 1%


Q.  Will it hurt?

A.  Most patients request a topical/local anesthetic to avoid any discomfort.


Q.  Is it reversible?

A.  Yes. In some areas, there is an agent that can be injected to dissolve the product.


Q.  How will I look when the product disappears?

A.  You will look the same as you did before you had the injections.