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Increase your dental IQ and immediately put you at ease because you know you are taking the right steps towards preventative dental care and controlling your dental destiny.

Most of us acquire our dental knowledge from our parents.  If our parents felt that going to the dentist regularly was important, we are likely to feel the same way.  We are products of our environment:  If we observed our parents brushing and flossing and visiting the family dentist on a regular basis, we are likely to adopt the same behaviors.  We believe it is important for our dental staff to teach our patients the ideal preventive care.  Good habits take time to learn and adopt; bad habits take even more time to break!

Tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath is caused by dental plaque which is produced by bacteria in the oral cavity on a daily basis. Therefore, patients that remove or control dental plaque every day have great oral hygiene and have less cavities and less chances of acquiring gum disease and halitosis.

Always keep plenty of dental floss and new electric toothbrush heads on hand for everyone in your family.  Don’t forget to take the same supplies with you on vacation or on other trips away from home.  If you do miss a flossing or brushing, just resume your good habits as soon as you are able the next day.  You will find that rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash regularly is a good way to start and end your day!

Every child 14 years old and under should receive fluoride treatments at a dental office every six months so that teeth become harder and more resistant to decay.  “Sealants” should be applied to the chewing surfaces of all adult teeth in children to prevent dental caries. Both you and your children should receive clinical exams and routine dental cleanings at least every six months. Preventing dental problems is key to a beautiful smile!

Preventative Care