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GLO Science

GLO  Science is the most advanced system of teeth whitening that is available to the dental population.  This new cutting edge GLO Science is now the gold standard in teeth whitening  efficiency and design, topping the old standard whitening systems in cost and comfort.  Gone, are the messy upper and lower impressions that were necessary for fabricating  custom trays that could contain the whitening agent.

There is no longer a lab turn around time that delayed treatment.  Once your teeth are cleaned professionally the patient is ready to start GLOWING.  Invented by oral health aesthetic dentist, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, your GLO Science Pro White, device is guaranteed to get your smile white.  It’s clinically proven that your teeth will be five shades lighter in five days with no sensitivity.  Your GLO Science Pro White mouthpiece is aesthetically designed using LED light and heat resistors in a closed system mouthpiece to activate and accelerate the whitening process.

The  patient’s first appointment starts with a fast in office appointment using GLO technology.  Once the lips and gums are covered and protected a 30% H2O2 gel is painted on each tooth.  Your in-office whitening session will consist of four eight minute applications, that are completed in less than forty minutes.  The patented GLO Science Pro White mouthpiece is a universal size that treats the upper and lower teeth at the same time.  The GLO Science system comes with  10 G-Vials  that contains a professional strength gel only available at your dental professional office.  The gel stays put where you place it.  The G vial is hermetically sealed keeping the formula fresh until it is opened.  Each G vial can be used for four applications.  Use one G vial for each day that you whiten, completing four consecutive, eight minute applications.  Your set of 10 G vials, is good for forty complete applications, or 10 additional days of whitening.  GLO recommends five consecutive days of whitening to obtain maximum results.


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