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Are you suffering from missing teeth, or becoming frustrated because you’re having trouble chewing, speaking or even biting foods? Or do you just not like the way your smile looks with missing teeth? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, a fixed dental bridge may be right for you. Fixed bridges fill in the gaps between your natural teeth with natural-looking artificial teeth called “pontics.” Abutment teeth (those teeth that support and anchor the bridge) are prepared so as to be able to support the bridge.

Along with replacing teeth, a fixed bridge helps restore the normal function and proper position of your bite. A fixed bride is inserted and cemented on abutment teeth; once it is inserted and cemented you cannot take it out. Dr. Graber, at his Rutherford, NJ, Dental office can help you decide if a fixed bridge is appropriate for you. If you both agree a fixed bridge is appropriate, Dr. Graber can prepare and fit you for a dental bridge that will help improve the appearance of your smile and also offer strength and support to your natural teeth.

Two important notes: Firstly, If you have moderate to advanced periodontal disease around the abutment teeth, Dr. Boguslaw, our staff Periodontist, will need to perform periodontal surgery before a fixed bridge can be contemplated. The abutment teeth must be strong and healthy in order for the bridge to last as many years as possible. Secondly, bridges are non removable.

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Therefore, a fixed porcelain bridge is comprised of connected porcelain crowns that are cemented to your natural teeth and cannot be removed.