Brides, we have the whitening solutions for you!!!

//Brides, we have the whitening solutions for you!!!

Brides, we have the whitening solutions for you!!!

Calling all brides! March is right around the corner, quickly followed by the start of the busy bridal season – and the romance is in the air! From finding the perfect bouquet, to planning your first dance as a married couple, we know you brides have a LOT on your mind. Along with designing the perfect wedding itself, we also know that you want to look your most beautiful on the big day, from hair to makeup to yes, even those pearly teeth. You’ll be smiling non-stop on your wedding day so you’ll want your smile looking its absolute best (especially considering how many photos will be taken on the big day!). How do you go about getting that beautiful pearly white smile? Come get your GLO on, the perfect solution for affordable wedding perfect white smile!

GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening will have you, your new partner, and everyone around you falling in love with your bright white smile! GLO is the most advanced whitening system around and will leave your teeth FIVE SHADES LIGHT in five days or less with no sensitivity. The best part though? It’s quick and it’s easy. There’s one short in-office appointment and the rest you do yourself in the comfort of your own home. GLO whitening fits seamlessly into your schedule, so you’ll have time to whiten your teeth as you run between caterer to florist to musicians, etc. How simple is that?

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you should look and feel your absolute best. Your smile will be a focal point of the entire day, so make it the most beautiful smile ever seen by getting your GLO on.

Give us a call to book your free initial consultation and take advantage our spring offer on the GLO In-Office Whitening & Take-Home Kit for only $485 (a $200 savings)! Schedule your appointment by giving us a call at 201-438-2373 or feel free to schedule. online by clicking HERE.

Looking for more info about GLO whitening? Feel free to check out more details about this service on our website by clicking here HERE and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Also, P.S – Congratulations on the big day we wish you and your future husband/wife the absolute best! Enjoy every moment of your planning!

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